Top rated South America Metropolitan areas

The top south america urban centers are the hubs of traditions, outdoor travels and delicious cuisine which have been enchanting travellers for centuries. Coming from the beachy elegance of Rio de janeiro for the awe-inspiring peaks and glaciers of Patagonia, these top rated destinations provide a bit of the whole thing for all.


There’s not any South American city even more iconic than the samba and sunshine-soaked metropolis of Rio de janeiro. With its increasing mountain foundation, beautiful seashores and buzzing nightlife, it’s no wonder Rio de Janeiro contains been a favorite of visitors for centuries.


Colombia’s previously troubled capital has converted a corner in recent years. The government has got successfully purged your major medicine trafficking business and higher Medellin in among the fastest-growing technology hubs in Latin America. Despite it is impressive shift, travelers should still physical exercise common-sense extreme care when visiting this town, particularly in areas with excessive crime rates.

La Serenidad

Bolivia’s high-altitude capital is an unforgettable view with its different colonial design and dramatic vistas. It has also the best capital in the universe and lies at an extraordinary 3, six hundred meters previously mentioned sea level, so that it is a true breath-taker.

The UNESCO-listed city of Cuzco is one of the many popular and best urban centers to visit in South America due to the fascinating record, magnificent engineering and unique local cuisine that features counsel of various locations through culinary fusion. It is worth halting in a few of the regional market segments for a taste of local specialties including cuy al horno (roasted guinea pig) and trucha frita (fried trout). It is also an ideal place to start a great adventure into the gorgeous Patagonian landscaping.

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